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Jan. 7th, 2009


Bringers of the Dawn

Complied from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marchiniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution.  Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words 'should' and 'try' from our vocabularies.  We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our "gods" are.

Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious - and unconscious.  By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestery with the universe around us, we become "bringers of the dawn," consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.

Barbara Marciniak is an internationally known trance channel from North Carolina.  She conducts class sessions and workshops throughout the United States and facilitates tours to sacred power sites such as Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Australia, and Bali.


Hypnosis for Change!

Hypnosis For Change! Looking for a different way to approach your New Year’s resolutions? Begin with a relaxing hypnosis session that will set you on the road to CHANGE habits you dislike and or/creating NEW APPROACHES to your life.


YOU choose the CHANGE! Weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, better sleep habits, improved nutritional choices, focused study habits, etc. Enjoy an individualized hypnosis session and receive a recording of the session to reinforce the progress you made!


Sessions are approximately one hour in length and ONLY $50! (Advance payment/deposit required). By appointment only! Make that CHANGE – CALL TODAY! 301.228.2401


Brenda Thew is a Certified Hypnotherapist with a passion for Past Life Regression Therapy and is creator of Hypnosis for Change! at The Owl Nest.


Spirit Festival at Gabriel's Inn

Join us at the most beautiful historic location in Frederick County for a 3-day Spirit Festival!  Shop, eat, have a reading, view the art show.

January 23-25, 2009

Some of the amazing people you may meet at the festival:

Tamar Bradley - Reiki Master/Teacher
Lorett Chan - Angel Therapy Practitioner
Susan Lynne - Clairvoyant
Lindsay Mayonado
Deb Robinson
Terri Rodabaugh - Spirit Medium
Rev. Lowell Smith - Aura Readings & Akashic Records
Brenda Thew - Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Metaphysical Round Table: January 24 at 7pm

Join members of the metaphysical community for dinner and ask our five panelists...what you want to know!  Be enlightened!  Be inspired!  Reservations required. $35 (menu displayed at: www.gabrielsrestaurant.com)

Gabriel's Inn is located in historic Ijamsville, Maryland just minutes from Frederick.  Built in the 1860's, the inn now houses a fine French provincial restaurant offering full course French cuisine, expertly prepared by Chef Sean DeLawder. (www.gabrielsrestaurant.com)

Gabriel's Paranormal Society promotes high-quality educational and entertainment events to persons seeking enlightenment, greater spiritual awareness, and entertainment. (www.gpsnet.org)



*NEW* Wicca Workshops

Beginning January 24, 2009 Wicca Workshops at The Owl Nest are on the  4th Saturday of each month from 1pm to 3pm and are FREE! High Priestess Linda Taggart is facilitating a NEW series of fun and educational workshops for witches, and magickal folk of all paths.

Upcoming 2009 Wicca Workshops:

January - Deity: Developing Your Personal Pantheon

February - Tarot and Other Systems of Divination

March - Wheel of the Year: Celebrating the Seasons

April - Founders and Notable Figures in Wicca

May - Wiccan Liturgy: Charge of the Goddess and the Wiccan Rede

June - Major Pagan Groups: Wicca, Asatru and Druids, oh my!


Q&A with Patt Gately

Question #1: How long have you been studying astrology?

Since 1986...some 22 years. At age 38 I relocated from the Midwest of Kansas & Missouri, where I had resided for 16 years, to the Southwest where I was spiritually fortunate to live and study ancient wisdom for 3 years. I had felt the pull to the desert landscape for many years prior to my move to New Mexico in April of 1986.

Aided by my bookstore employment experience, I was hired to work at a re­nowned small metaphysical bookstore in Albuquerque. Upon my hiring I was informed by the 3 metaphysician men that they had “run my astrological natal chart to see how I would fit in with their business”. I recalled their asking me at the job interview my birth date, birth time, and birth place...and some mention of astrology.

From their interpretation of my natal chart (also referred to as birth chart or horos­cope), I would be beneficial to the business...and the “female energy factor” I em­bodied would be a good balance to their masculine mentalized energy. My curiosity was aroused by this informative conversation and soon thereafter I had an “astrological natal chart reading” by 1 of the professional astrologers affiliated with the bookstore.

There was an exceptional amount of descriptive information pertinent to my perso­nality, to my family and to some significant life experiences that was gleaned from my natal horoscope. A natal chart/horoscope is a chart with a 360◦ circle indicating where all of the planets were positioned around the Zodiac at the time and place of one’s birth.

From the analysis of the planetary positions, energy patterns and a variety of other factors in the natal chart, a phenomenal amount of information is available as to the physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual characteristics of each individual. The information can be insightful for an individual’s developing awareness of the cycles and lessons important to one’s particular life path.

“Life on Earth is like being in school - everybody’s here to learn and grow and develop – and the birth chart is the map of your curriculum. It shows what you are here to learn, develop and focus on.” - Shelly Jordan.

Reflecting on the years of working with Jungian feminist therapists during the late 70’s and early 80’s, I remarked at the time: what an insightful tool for therapists to employ in the work with a spectrum of clients. As Carl Jung stated: “The fact that it is possible to reconstruct a person’s character fairly accurately from his birth data shows the relative validity of astrology.”

Thus, that fateful one hour experience of an astrological reading led me to the captivating study of the art and science of astrology that has endured for these past 22 years. My course of study has been a spectrum of learning’s with individual teachers, astrological organizations, small groups and continually on my own. I have also beenteaching classes in the basics for the past 12 years, primarily while living in the Midwest prior to moving to Maryland in 2000. Teaching classes in astrology is a vital component to enhancing my lifelong course of study in “living my chart” and encouraging others through sharing this sacred ancient knowledge.

Question #2: What is the most influential influence in a birth chart?

As it is stated, this is a difficult question to answer. The term “most influential” is difficult to answer simply and can be somewhat misleading because the birth chart is comprised of various planetary patterns that hold important significance in a variety of cycles at different times throughout one’s life.

To answer as to what is a “strong influence” in all types of astrological charts- that would be the Moon’s daily movement through the 12 Zodiac signs of the natal chart during its 28 day cycle. One can address the science of the Moon’s magnetic effect on the ocean tides and the fluids of the human body.

“Change as a natural process is normally implied by the Moon. We think of ocean tides and lunar cycles as natural changes occurring in a rhythmic pattern.” -M. Shea

In the astrology of forecasting (as discussed in Q.#4), the Moon is a significant trigger of energy to events and situations that are signified by various astrological signs through which the Moon passes as it travels its 28 day cycle around the 360◦ Zodiac. A conscious observation of the effects of the Moon’s energy throughout any one month’s lunar cycles could be a simple education of sorts!

In regard to 3 basic factors of importance in a natal chart are the sign placements of the Sun which represents one’s essence/soul’s purpose; the Moon which indicates one’s basic emotional needs; and the Rising Sign (also referred to as Ascendant) which conveys your persona- how you appear to others. The placement of each in a sign and at a particular location on the chart-wheel provides a “quick study” of some important characteristics of an individual. From there, an insightful depth of information can be gained through the interpretation of a myriad of facets of the natal chart.

We students of astrology, recognize that the material is a deeply layered lifelong study and it provides an opportunity to apply the insight gained to a conscious awareness of the cycles of change in one’s course in life, as well as of the global changes reflected in the natal charts of the countries on Planet Earth. Astrology provides a fascinating framework for the study of cycles, of potentials and possibilities for the spiritual evolution of individuals, as well as of humankind.

Question #3: Why do people choose to or not to believe in astrology?

Trying to surmise why people choose any beliefs could extend into a philosophical theorizing ad nauseum. In regard to the subject of astrology, an open mind is most beneficial for an individual to engage in the study and application of astrology which provides the opportunity to experience the concepts of this material. The ability to reflect on experiences of one’s life and gain some understanding through the “kaleidoscope-lens” of astrology, as to the significance of these events, is an encouragement to “believe in” the ancient philosophy and practice of astrology. As individuals experience this analytical tool, they may be better able to perspect their life more consciously on its course.

I have had numerous interactions with individuals who attempt the “fate/predestined vs. free will” argument or a particular religious doctrine they embrace which is the truth they believe, which is to not believe in the potential for spiritual evolution as guided through the sacred knowledge of the art and science of astrology.

I respect the beliefs of others as to what is relevant to them as truth in their spiritual path work as I believe there are as many paths as there are travelers. In conclusion, I offer this anonymous quote that has accompanied me for years along this path of the getting of wisdom: “the accuracy of one’s perception is seriously compromised by the conditions of one’s point of view”.

Question #4: How do astrologers predict the future?

“Our whole practice of astrology is based on the notion of the wheel, of the predictable and circular movements of the planets through the full 360◦ of the zodiac”-D. Gerhardt

Rather than “predicting the future”, it is professionally referred to as “astroforecasting”; not unlike a weather forecast, which addresses seasonal changes and various weather patterns forming and moving across regional and global maps of our planet Earth.

The astrologer looks for the daily and seasonal planetary movements of each planet in its passage through the various elemental energies of the signs positioned around the 360◦ wheel of the zodiac. The geometric patterns created throughout the chart wheel by the position of planets, are studied in relation to the suggestive energy that has potential to be activated at a particular time of year and may manifest in a major event or challenging situation in one’s life. The study of the Moon’s daily movements allows the astrologer to anticipate the timing of these potential activities during the year.

This study of the movement or “transits” of the planets is beneficial as insight into the challenges we individually experience in our lives, as well as in our collective experience of “the psyche of the masses”...a course study of the evolution of humanity on planet Earth!

The 360◦ cycles of the outer planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto extend over the course of many years-from Saturn’s 28 year to Pluto’s 247 year cycle. This allows one to apply the insightful information symbolized by the planets and the signs in a practical manner for managing the events of one’s course in life, as well as for a better understanding of the global events reflecting the planetary patterns. Examples of this are the recent election of Barack Obama as our next president, the ongoing financial crisis in our global economy, and the escalation of political unrest developing in many different countries.

Working with the natal chart as the foundation of energy potential –“one method of forecasting is based on projections of the daily movements of the planets, including the Sun and Moon, onto natal positions. These are called “transits to the birth chart”. In other words, the astrologer must see whether any planetary movements for the year ahead will make cross aspects to positions in the individual’s birth chart.”

It is the study of this movement forming aspects of energy patterns that is utilized in the art of forecasting possibilities of events, situations and opportunities to occur during a stretch of time. The information conveyed in the forecast can provide the individual with some awareness of the significant challenges and choices that might be developing in their life. These are opportunities for the individual in making choices and exercises of free will, just as one has with choices made in response to weather forecasts. “There is no bad weather; only poor choices in clothing.”

This thought, by the renowned astrologer Llewellyn, has assisted me in my approach to the study and practice of astrology throughout the years: “Things don’t just happen to us. We also happen to them. In other words, we are as free as we choose to react to any circumstances and carry it forward.” This is an encouragement of applying a consciousness to the activities daily living and loving.


Question #5: Any major happenings in the stars for 2009 that we should know about ?

There is a plethora of planetary activity in 2009 that will be significant to pay attention to as individuals, as countries and as a global humanity. “Astrology is like reading the plot of a play and then watching it unfold in the world throughout the year.” – D. Gerhardt

NOTE: If you are interested in participating in Basic Astrology workshops with Patt at The Owl Nest call or contact us via email your name, email and phone number - this class will begin early 2009.

Patt is also available for private birth/natal chart readings as well as several other chart interpretations please see our Services page for complete chart details and pricing.

Interested in what is going on up in the heavens?  Keep visiting The Owl Nest blog for upcoming astrology tidbits monthly from Patt!!! 



Q&A with Terri Rodabaugh

At The Owl Nest we get asked a lot of interesting questions from clients and customers about our various experiences with astrology, divination, holistic health, ghosts, religion, spirituality, etc. Over the next few months we will be posting Q & A with each of our instructors, practitioners, readers and staff members.

 Question #1: What was your first experience in metaphysical spirituality?

One of my earliest memories is hiding in a crawl space in my parent’s house. I was hiding from my father - he was an alcoholic and liked to be abusive. While sitting in there a gold light appeared in the darkness and said to me "none of this is your fault". Because of that I grew up believing that I was not to blame and my dad was just screwy....


Another early memory is of seeing what I believed to be the tooth fairy. She was flying out of my window as I woke early one morning. When I was about to exclaim about it she took her finger to her lips (like a shhhh...sound) and flew away. I remember her being so beautiful and light. Of course, no one believed me!

#2: How did Spirit call you to mediumship?

At the age of 27 I was inundated with the dead. They kept showing up everywhere and they would just stand there and stare at me. Finally, I thought that I would have to put myself in an asylum...until I found a medium that could explain what was happening to me and how to use it. He told me it would never go away and I might as well do some good with it.







#3: How do you receive information and messages from Spirit?

I receive through Clairvoyance...or clear seeing. I see through my third eye. It's not like actually seeing someone standing there in front of me. I see them in my mind's eye. I am working on my clairaudience right now. I’m trying to hear them better. So far that comes in dribs and drabs - the information that I receive from them is usually like a telepathic knowing.

#4: Who do you most admire in the metaphysical/occult community?

I love Lisa Williams...I think she's great. I like her because she doesn't take herself too seriously and seems to have fun with it. She's amazing. And of course, there's the Reverends that I take courses with down in Roanoke (with the Metaphysical Churches) that I think are excellent.

#5: Do you have any world predictions for 2009?

LOL - I don't give those but I believe that we are heading into a time of peace, hope and love...thanks to Mr. Obama.






Lord Ganesh - Remover of Obstacles and New Beginnings

Lord Ganesh is the most loved and worshiped of all Hindu deity. He is portrayed as having a head of an elephant and the body of a pot-bellied man, having four arms and one tusk. Evoke the energy of Lord Ganesh when you need help with removing obstacles, new beginnings, prosperity, science and the arts, writing.


Symbolism of Lord Ganesh:

  • Axe – to cut away attachments and that which does not serve.
  • Big Belly – abundance of that which is good in life.
  • Elephant Head - large ears: hearing clearly; small eyes: concentration and focus; trunk: adaptability and efficiency.
  • Lotus Flower – ancient symbol representing the chakras, confidence, spiritual growth and enfoldment. The mantra ‘om mani padme hum’ means ‘hail to the jewel in the lotus’.
  • Mouse/Rat – conquering the ego, searching in nooks and crannies of the mind.
  • Prasada – generosity and offering to deity.
  • Swastika – an ancient Hindu symbol representing the two forms of the creator God Brahma; the right facing represents the evolution of the Universe and the left facing represents the intuition of the Universe.
  • Tusk – according to one legend Ganesh broke off his tusk during a battle with a demon and threw it at him turning him into a mouse. Conquering the ego.

How to connect and work with Lord Ganesh: Evoke the beautiful, gentle and powerful energy of Lord Ganesh simply by clearing your heart and mind and chanting his name.

If you are so inclined anoint a pink candle with rose and sandalwood essential oils, offer sweet flowers and tasty treats in Lord Ganesh’s honor.


*The Owl Nest offers a beautiful music cd for purchase titled Ganesh Mantra created and conceived by Inner Voice. 

The Ganesh Mahamantra is used before any new and significant beginning to remove hindrances and to reward our endeavours with success. O Lord Shri Ganesh, the first to be worshipped, God of the multitudes, son of Goddess Uma, Lord of obstacles, one with an auspicious and awesome presence... I bow to thee! He Listens. He Sees. He Cares.


Black, Glory & War Waters

More of those silly named products that really pack a punch in your magickal workings...


Black Water is to be sprinkled on the property (preferably the doorstep but the end of the driveway will do) of an enemy you wish to have out of your life. Black Water can also be sprinkled outside businesses and homes to keep away evil/negative energies and people.


Glory Water is used to bless homes and sacred spaces to remove evil/negative vibrations. Glory Water can also be used in spells and rituals to gain spiritual enlightenment and to overcome obstacles. 

*Tip! Many office workers can not burn herbs such as sage to clear their working enviroment from negative energy, anoint chairs, computers, desks, filing cabinets, doors and windows to achieve a peaceful workspace.


War Water is to be sprinkled on the doorstep (or *driveway) to curse an enemy and render them powerless over you.  War Water is to be used with extreme caution as the pendulem of karma can swing both ways!!!


*Note: Trespassing is illegal and it’s never cool to get caught especially with magickal items in tow.


Psychic Development: Automatic Writing

The Psychic Development classes facilitated by medium Terri Rodabaugh have been a hit at The Owl Nest for the past year. Each class Terri covers a different way to develop psychic potential and better communicate with Spirit. The most recent class ‘Automatic Writing’ Terri gave the students a word and they had to write the information they received from Spirit. The word given was SPIRIT. Here is what co-owner of The Owl Nest Juanita channeled from her Spirit Guide Ursa:


(Spirit) is the Universal Energy of all things and is what connects us to the Universe. It is there for everyone to communicate with and learn from. All knowledge is there and should be used so that it doesn’t become stagnant. We like to be used and talked to because we like helping our children. More of our children should listen to us to help all people to understand our love and joy of the experience of physical beings.


Cell Phone Policy

At the request of The Owl Nest staff and customers we ask that you please silence or turn off your cell phones when shopping at The Owl Nest.  If you must make or take a call please step outside to do so.  We pride ourselves on having a friendly, peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

It is quite annoying to someone reading, relaxing or working to have to hear a one sided conversation in an otherwise peacefully quiet shop about bills, groceries, or the latest gossip in your life. 

(And it hurts the faeries ears)

Thank you.

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